Force Gauges

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"MADE IN GERMANY" stands for a perfect price-performance ratio and the top quality level of all Alluris force gauges. We continuously expand our product portfolio of force measurement products and universal testing machines in order to offer a custom-tailored solution for your measuring task.

The Alluris® FMI-S force gauge is always ready for use, due to the independent power source by solar cells. The innovative energy concept lowers the consumption to a minimum and also prevents temperature drift of the loads cell. The same technology is used for FMI-B series force gauges and FMT-W series pull testers. The LiPo-battery powered instruments offer 150 hours of operation without charging. This extends the battery life extremely as fewer recharges are needed. 

The mechanical force meters series FMI-M complete our comprehensive product portfolio. We are happy to discuss your specific application to find out which instrument fits best for your needs.

Alluris® Force Gauge FMI-S30, with hook for pull testing

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