Universal Test Machines

... to determin mechanical properties of

  • materials
  • components
  • assemblies

Alluris® 1- and 2-column universal testing machines for tensile and compression testing. These machines combine the highest precision with a robust construction.

These force testing systems differ from classic materials testing machines in their ease of use with excellent reproducibility of the test results, which also allows use for production-related tests outside the laboratory. In addition, Alluris® universal testing machines can also be integrated as measuring equipment in production plants or integrated into a network.

The corresponding testing software will be provided free of charge on the Alluris customer portal. Numerous, standardized test procedures are available here and individual test programs can be created. Alluris customers can use the web-based TestEditor, an intuitive software tool

Picture with details universal testing machine for material and component testing | © Alluris

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