Torque Tester

Torque measurement to monitor torque tools and for testing in the packaging and food industry amend the range of Alluris force measurement products.

The torque tool tester allows a quick check of torque wrenches manual, motorized or pneumatic driven torque tools, as well as calibration of manual torque drivers and wrenches according ISO 6789-1.

Our cap torque testers measure the torque needed to open or close screwed caps and lids of food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic packaging. These instruments are able to measure bidirectional, clockwise and counterclockwise and to capture peak data at hight measuring rates. The model torque tester model CTT-300 autodetects 2 consecutive peak values in order to assure the quality of bottle caps with tamper evident band. 

All Alluris® torque testers have threshold value monitoring, internal memory and USB 2.0 interface for data transfer to special analyzing software or directly into any PC application like MsOffice, CAQ systems or ERP software.

ToolTorqueTester TTT-300 in horizontal torque test stand with torque wrench

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