Tachometer & Stroboscopes

A stroboscope (greek for: Strobos - to turn, skopein - to see) is used to make very rapid movements visible. The single flash of the strobe illuminates the moving object for a very brief moment. Sequences of short flashes in very quick succession appear to the human eye as a continuous image. This stroboscopic effect is comparable to a film: here the rapid succession of single images results as a cohesive movement.

A stroboscope is used:

  • to observe fast but steady movements that would otherwise due to the speed not be perceived;
  • to determine the apparent standstill in repetition of the object. (for example in rotational speed measurement)
  • to visualize in the quality control on fast moving material. (eg. surface texture or pattern on repeated processes)

With a handheld tachometer you

  • measure the RPM speed of a rotating machine part
  • the linear speed of a belt with a contact wheel

with a measuring wheel, a tip or non-contact with precise laser point. The non-contact measurement with a laser-tachometer requires a reflecting mark which can be fixed on the rotating object. If this is not possible, the measurement can be performed with a stroboscope.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or our local specialized dealer in order to help choosing the right tachometer for your specific application.

Stroboscope and Tachometer

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