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The latest software for Alluris ForceTester, tensile and universal testing machines is always available on our customer portal. Whether you are working with a local Windows PC, on the corporate network, or on a mobile pad, FMT EasyEdit and FMT DataExchange do not require proprietary installations and work independently of the operating system.

You benefit from the further development of our testing software without annoying upgrades or updates. Use new features immediately and at no extra charge. Create your own test specifications or copy and edit preconfigured test plans.

Regardless of your local IT infrastructure, you can download and process measurement results from your ForceTester, whether you use Microsoft Office products, open source software or CAQ systems.

FMT EasyEdit and FMT DataExchange is the latest generation of unique testing software that will make you an independent test expert.

More information can be found on our knowledge page.

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Software for Alluris®ForceTester, universal test machines

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