• High accuracy with 0,5 % >> precise peak value detection with 1000 Hz.
  • Exchangeable centering base plate >> robust, stable and protected against dripping water (IP42).
  • Limit value monitoring >> with pass /fail detection for peak values.
  • Internal solar cell >> allows operating the instrument without external power supply.


Digital Cap Torque Tester CTT-200 series are particularly suitable as test tools for fast manual torque testing of screw caps, valves, machine components or tools. Objects to be tested (25 - 180 mm
diameter) are centrally positioned with retaining bolts and clamped by a contrarotating spindle mounted in the turntable. By manually rotating the test object, the force is transmitted to the torque sensor.

The device has an internal memory with statistic function and an USB interface. Using the software FMI_Analyze torque curves can be visualized and limits are monitored via PC.

The housing complies with protection code IP42 and the torque sensor is protected against overload up to max. ± 20 Nm. With its compact design, the system is designed for desktop application. It may be screwed on table tops (maximum thickness 30 mm) to protect against slipping.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Availability Price €
CTT-200B2 Digital Cap Torque Tester, USB 2 Nm 0,002 Nm 0,5 % 1.480,00
CTT-200B5 Digital Cap Torque Tester, USB 5 Nm 0,005 Nm 0,5 % 1.480,00
CTT-200C1 Digital Cap Torque Tester, USB 10 Nm 0,01 Nm 0,5 % 1.480,00

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