• Quick and easy testing of torque tools
  • To perform calibration according ISO 6789
  • Precise application of momentum
  • Conform with requirements of calibration standard


The test stand amends the ToolTorqueTester TTT-300 and can be utilized to approve and calibrate manually operated torque tools with release mechanism or indicator, as classified in ISO 6798. Inserting and fixing the tool under test inot the test stand allows a precise momentum transfer as require by the ISO standard.

The quick clamping device can be a in X-,Y- and Z-direction perfectly to the wrench; vertically (X-axis) to adjust the lever length, horizontal (Y-axis and Z-axis) to adopt the hold. Turning the handwheel the wrench moves perfectly centred to the measuring device orbital by 0.5° per revolution and the momentum increases smoothly and even as require by ISO 6789 until the release mechanism is activated.

The horizontal test can be upgraded with TTT-921 to a complet test system for torque wrenches and torque screw drivers.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Torque (max.) Dimension (LxWxH) Availability Price €
TTT-920C5 Horizontal test stand for torque wrenches 50 Nm 680x350x260 ° - 1.850,00

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