Series SMT-510 tachometers are robust precision instruments designed for frequent use for measuring revolution, surface speed and distance (length). The bright red LE-Display allows an excellent readability also at places with adverse illumination.

The model SMT-510CL measure RPM by means of a highly visible red laser beam. A reflective tag fixed to the revolving machine part can be detected by the instrument from a distance to 4m. By attaching a contact adaptor and a measuring tip / wheel the instrument can sense RPM, surface speed or length in selectable international measuring units.

Due to the state of the art measuring technology and very precise laser measuring combined with additional possibilities of direct measuring method, the instrument offers utmost versatility for servicing, calibrating and monitoring for various machines and plants.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Measuring Range Accuracy Availability Price €
SMT-510C Laser precision tachometer 6...25.000 RPM 6 " 0,006 % 385,00
SMT-510CL Laser precision tachometer 6...99.999 RPM 6 " 0,006 % 445,00
SMT-510CLX Laser precision tachometer 6...99.999 RPM 12 " 0,006 % 485,00
SMT-510L Laser precision tachometer 6...99.999 RPM --- " 0,006 % 385,00

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