• Flash frequency up to 35.000 min-1 with flash controller for continuous use
  • Robust aluminium housing and polished reflector for optimised illumination uniformity
  • Programmable flash delay (rotation angle or time related) for external trigger
  • Instruments for VAC or combined VAC/battery operation


Series SMS-300 stroboscopes can either be hand-operated or mounted on a tripod, and can be used to observe fast repeated motions as well as to determine RPM or rate of machinery components. Not only continuous motions of materials, but also processes, which are normally impossible to observe due to their high rate, can be visualised.

The turning or oscillating machine part can be visualised as a stop-motion picture by adjusting the light flashes synchronously to the rate of the movement. With the multiplier/divider function, it is able to determine the actual RPM or frequency of the motion accurately. The phase shift function enables slow-motion effects and visual positioning of the observed component.

The instrument can be triggered by means of an external sensor (power supply for the sensor is provided by the stroboscope). The flashes can be delayed either in time or rotation angle.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Range Accuracy Resolution Availability Price €
SMS-300B High-End Stroboscope 40...35.000 FPM 0,01 % 1 FPM 990,00

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