• Easy securing of round samples.
  • Quick fix/release for test pins and penetration needles.


Jacobs chuck grips are utilized for tensile and compression tests to secure round or multi-edge specimen. Test pins or penetration needles can be centered in the chuck as well. The maximum pull force depends on the material surface and deflection properties, but should not exceed 150N. Pins or needles for penetration tests should be supported inside the grip. The stated max. force is related to compression or push test with supported pins.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Thread max. Force Availability Price €
FMI-951M10 Jacobs chuck grip, 0.5 ... 6.0 mm M10 5000 N 195,00
FMI-951M6 Jacobs chuck grip, 0.5 ... 6.0 mm M6 1000 N 185,00

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