• For non-destructive compressing of springs, foams or similar materials
  • Breaking and crushing strength of packaging components
  • Spring testing according to DIN 2095 (Quality requirements of technical compression springs)


Compression plate with flat surface, diameter 30 to 100 mm, inner thread for mounting at force tranducer or teststand base plate using a threaded bolt. Material stainless steel (1.4301), maximal compression force up to 5000 N.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Thread Diameter Availability Price €
FMI-923.030M10 Compression plate M10 30 mm 5000 N 65,00
FMI-923.030M6 Compression plate M6 30 mm 1000 N 65,00
FMI-923.060M10 Compression plate M10 60 mm 5000 N 85,00
FMI-923.060M6 Compression plate M6 60 mm 1000 N 85,00
FMI-923.100M10 Compression plate M10 100 mm 5000 N 135,00
FMI-923.100M6 Compression plate M6 100 mm 1000 N 135,00

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