• Always ready for work >> by independent photovoltaic energy supply
  • Outdoor use >> compact splash-proof housings for devices over 500 N
  • Overload protection up to 500 % >> with rugged aluminium die cast housing
  • Optimized for hand-operated measurements >> handles exactly in the measurement axis (optional)


Digital Force Gauges FMI-S10 series with solar energy supply are made for hand-operated measurements of push or pull forces.

Due to their independent solar power supply and the rugged splash-proof construction they can be used even for tasks where usually mechanical devices are employed.

Integrating the sensor modules in robust die cast aluminium housings an optimal overload protection up to 500 % is accomplished. Force is applied through a gauge rod with M6 thread. Several standard adapters are included.

With handles positioned exactly in the measurement axis forces in manual measurements are optimally applied. Thus measurement faults can be effectively reduced. The handles can easily be attached to threaded holes on the sides or the bottom of the housing.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Capacity F(nom)* Resolution** Tolerance** Availability Price €
FMI-S10B5 Digital Force Gauge - Solar 50 N 0,05 N 0,3 % F(nom) 440,00
FMI-S10C1 Digital Force Gauge - Solar 100 N 0,1 N 0,3 % F(nom) 440,00
FMI-S10C5 Digital Force Gauge - Solar 500 N 0,5 N 0,3 % F(nom) 440,00
FMI-S10K1 Digital Force Gauge - Solar 1000 N 1 N 0,3 % F(nom) 595,00

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