• Peak measurement with 0,2 % accuracy and high measurement rate allows to detect tensile and break forces precisely
  • Up to 150 hours battery operation time with rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Autoreverse display enables use as handheld device or test stand mounting
  • Overload protection up to 500 % >> with rugged aluminium die cast housing


Digital Force Gauges FMI-B20 series are made for hand-operated measurements in materials testing or quality control. The devices can as well be mounted to test stands. Handles are easily attached to threaded holes on the sides of the housing.

The sensor modules are integrated in robust die cast aluminium housings thus an optimal overload protection up to 500 % is accomplished. Push or pull force is applied through a gauge rod
with M6 thread. Several standard adapters are included. Measurement values are clearly displayed, continuously or as peak values (drag indicator) either in SI unit newton or as weight unit.

By starting the device the spacial position is automatically recognized and - if needed - values in the display are reversed and allways legibly displayed.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Capacity F(nom) * Resolution ** Tolerance ** Availability Price €
FMI-B20B5 Digital Force Gauge - HR 50 N 0,01 N 0,2 % F(nom) 695,00
FMI-B20C1 Digital Force Gauge - HR 100 N 0,02 N 0,2 % F(nom) 695,00
FMI-B20C2 Digital Force Gauge - HR 250 N 0,05 N 0,2 % F(nom) 695,00
FMI-B20C5 Digital Force Gauge - HR 500 N 0,1 N 0,2 % F(nom) 695,00
FMI-B20K1 Digital Force Gauge - HR 1000 N 0,2 N 0,2 % F(nom) 715,00
FMI-B20K2 Digital Force Gauge - HR 2500 N 0,5 N 0,2 % F(nom) 995,00
FMI-B20K5 Digital Force Gauge - HR 5000 N 1 N 0,2 % F(nom) 995,00

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