• Data logging and USB interface >> with memory function and limit value monitoring
  • Peak measurement with 0,05 % accuracy >> a high measurement rate allows to detect tensile and break forces precisely
  • Data logger >> logs 1000 measured values or 50 measuring series
  • Monitoring through display >> LED indication and signal output for upper and lower limit value


FMI-250 series force gauges, with their outstanding accuracy of 0,05%, analog output, Digimatic interface, serial RS232C and USB interface are designed for users with high demands, who wishes to make use of the instruments in the field of development for design verifications and validations, or determination of quality standards with a high demand on accuracy and reproducibility of measured values.

The robust bidirectional measuring cell combines high accuracy and a very high overload protection. These instruments can measure traction as well as compression forces. The results are shown on a large, reversible display, and can be indicated in Newton or units of weight.

Up to 1000 single measured values or 50 measuring series can be stored in the internal data logger. Furthermore, upper and lower limit values can be set which trigger the red or green LED and the signal output. Additional to that the limit values are shown in the display.

Due to fast measurement value processing peak values, for example for break forces can be measured precise and reproducible. During measurement current values or peak values (pointer function) can be shown.

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Capacity F(nom)* Resolution Accuracy Availability Price €
FMI-250A2 High Precision Force Gauge 2 N 0,001 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00
FMI-250A5 High Precision Force Gauge 5 N 0,001 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00
FMI-250B2 High Precision Force Gauge 20 N 0,01 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00
FMI-250B5 High Precision Force Gauge 50 N 0,01 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00
FMI-250C2 High Precision Force Gauge 200 N 0,1 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00
FMI-250C5 High Precision Force Gauge 500 N 0,1 N 0,05 % F(nom) 1.385,00

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