• Traceability for the length measuring device of a universal testing maschine
  • On-Site-Calibration with EN ISO 17025 accredited measuring range from 0,5 mm to 1000,0 mm
  • Highest precision, low uncertainty (CMC<0,15%)


Verification, calibration and classification of the length measurement system in universal testing machines with one measuring axis (tensile and compression testing) on-site, traceable to PTB/DKD/ILAC standards. The comprehensive calibration certificate includes all necessary calculation of the uncertainty, a confirmation of conformity to the ISO standard and a calibration recommodation.

The standard ISO 9513:2013-05 describes in Annex H calibration procedures and classification for length measuring systems used in UTM's. The calibration procedure for the crosshead measures the object with two measuring rows with 11 measuring points each and for a travel from 0,5 mm to 1000,0 mm with gauge blocks or incremental length measuring reference standards. Video-Extensiometers are calibrated according Annex F in the range from 0,5 mm to 100,0 mm with lenght measuring standards.

Please consult the below table in order to check which measuring ranges of the calibration standards are covered by the accreditation in relation to the lenght measuring range of your machine. [accredited with DAkkS No.: D-K-15061-01-00]

Models and Prices

Select Part no. Type Range CMC (accr.) Availability Price €
CAL-410B5H Calibration certificate according EN ISO 9513:2013 Traverse 0,5-50 mm 0,025 % 295,00
CAL-410C1H Calibration certificate according EN ISO 9513:2013 Traverse 1-100 mm 0,025 % 295,00

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