Alles Messen ist ein Vergleichen

"Measuring is to compare."

... this was the leading motto in 2002, when Alluris was founded as a new provider of innovative measuring instruments.

This slogan is still valid, as....

Our customers compare the variables for mechanical characteristics they measure with our instruments and testing systems with the quality and legal requirements that the global market for industrial and consumer goods demands.

We compare the dimensions measured with our instruments with national and international standards (PTB; DAP or ILAC). All data can be tracked back to these standards allowing you to make precise and dependable measurements.

You compare our products and service with your expectations and a wide range of products. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products  perfectly suited for your needed purpose. After your purchase or initial operation via our on-site-service, we offer you a fast calibration and maintenance service that increases the uptime of your instrument or system.


Das Alluris Team

Customers from various industrial branches challenge us every day with new "measurement problems". We appreciate these challenges, as our goal is finding the right solution for your tasks.

For a smooth inquiry or order process, we implemented SAP B1, an ERP software for safe handling of all necessary steps.

The most important resource is our qualified staff, as no computer system can replace good communication and teamwork between sales, design, production and logistics.


Die Alluris Qualitätssicherung

We develop our instruments and testing equipment for quality assurance in industrial applications and therefore it was natural for us to introduce shortly after its founding, a suitable quality management. This quality management system is certified to ISO9000:2008. The certification also includes our calibration laboratory for force measuring devices.

Moreover Alluris is member of AMA Association for Sensor and 3.62 of the Technical Committee of the VDI / VDE-GMA and thus supports the development of new standards and guidelines for the calibration of instruments in the field of force and torque measurement.


Ein paar Auszüge des Alluris Kundenstamms

Not only leading companies and market leaders in various industrial branches are trusting our expertise, but also the hidden champions, highly specialized small and medium sized companies that are the source of the well-known brand names and the quality guarantee „Made in Germany“.

The category Applications holds information about some of our customers and their checking arrangement. With our specially designed products we meet the high quality demands our customers.

Contact us for questions on how we can assist you with your measurement requirements and select the suitable instrument for your needs.


Since 2002 we cooperate in sales and product design with Nidec-Shimpo, a worldwide leading Japanese manufacturer for Tachometers and Stroboscopes. Products manufactured (partly under license) in Asia are quality checked in our Freiburg site and are send from there.

Mechanical components are constructed and manufactured in cooperation with Glöckler, a CNC production specialist located in Trossingen (Germany). This allows us to offer customized adjustments and special testing devices, while maintaining a short lead time.

We cooperate closely with PAC Ltd. in Lörrach (Germany) in the development of firmware for automation of Test Stands. They are successful specialists for SPS based control systems and visualisation.

Besides there are a number of qualified suppliers for components and modules enabling us to provide almost all products with short leading time, and, if necessary, can be send to you via express for next morning.